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For Participants


The activities program gives you the chance to take up time slots in order to teach and promote our audience regarding your product. A great opportunity for you to showcase what your company and product is all about!


We Support and Treasure Small Breweries

Only local microbreweries, bespoke bars and bartenders will be invited. This ensures that the event is special allowing visitors to experience the "new" rather than something everyone already knows.


Wide Reach

With our expertise in hosting Exhibitions we can help you expand your reach. We have successfully helped many companies scale their business from our exhibitions worldwide.



Many partners for promotion ranging from influencers, news platforms, and visitors during the festival.

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Are you a craft beer lover, cocktail maker or foodie? 

Do you want to showcase your specialties to everyone?

Please Join Us!


For more information please contact the BLISS team at:

Email: bliss@kaigo.com.tw

Tel: +886-2-2595-4212